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Costa del Sole Card Club

The Costa del Sole Club Card is issued on arrival at the hotel, to those who spend a minimum stay of three days at one of our hotels. The card holders reserve the advantage of having a charging credit equal to 3% of the holiday just spent extra to spend on food and drinks at the bar during a subsequent stay.

Costa del Sole Card Platinium

Reserved for all our guests who, over 5 consecutive years, every year they spent at least one day of holiday in our hotels. The holders of this card will be entitled to a discount of 10% off the full price list for weekly stays, even if the booking is made at the last minute.

Will be the operator to decide whether the client owner of the Costa del Sole Club Card must send a deposit as confirmation of booking (Offer not combinable with other offers).

If you fall among those who are entitled to the Platinum Card, request it by calling the toll free number 0547 672057, or by sending an email to info@costadelsolehotels.com

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