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Italy in Miniature, explore Italy on foot

23 May 2022

Italy in Miniature is an important theme park in Emilia-Romagna, visited every year by families, school groups, youth groups and couples of all ages.

Since the late 1960s, the world's most famous boot has been miniaturised in this park to be proudly displayed for all to see.

On a few hectares of land, the North, the Centre and the South of Italy, with their monumentstheir parks and the various diverse natural and artistic-cultural beauties that nature and man have bestowed on Italy. In addition, miniatures of the most important European cities can also be admired immediately after the Alps.

In addition, starting in recent years, Italy in Miniature has made available to its visitors games and entertainment suitable for both children and adults. Among the most exciting attractions are the Interactive Driving School, Pinocchio's World, the Old Sawmill with breathtaking descents, the gondola ride through Little Venice and much more.

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