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Monte Bondone in Trentino

A few kilometres from Trento lies the Monte Bondone, an important naturalistic and ski area, much frequented by families.

Monte Bondone is visited both by those who enjoy winter sports and mountain lovers, hiking, nature.

Its botanical peculiarities have enabled the birth of the Alpine Botanical Garden, one of the largest in the Alps, and the natural Reserve of the three peaks of Monte Bondone.

Because of these characteristics and for its proximity to the city of Trento (only 15 km away), the Monte Bondone is also visited in summer and between seasons.

Skiing on Monte Bondone

Monte Bondone is a well-known ski area, also for its location, only 15 km from the city of Trento.

Ben 4 lifts, 21 km of slopes, 5 modern lifts including the famous Red Rocks Chairlift, with the greatest disparity between top European and associated Valley.

Monte Bondone is equipped with ski school and nursery for children, services for families and sportsmen of all ages.

The Alpine Botanical Garden

The Alpine Botanical Garden of Monte Bondone is a must for all those who love the mountains.

Inside are more than 2,000 species of plants and flowers from all over the world. Those who want to explore and get to know in detail the characteristics of forests and high mountain grassland may take the interesting nature trail dedicated to Monte Bondone and alpine flora.

The three peaks of Monte Bondone

The complete natural reserve of the three peaks of Monte Bondone is a natural protected area of Trentino, founded in 1968.

The three peaks is visited for its splendid landscapes, its flora and fauna. Among the animals that reside in the reserve there are Alpine chamois, marmots, grouse, Imperial body, the Alpine Chough and the Golden Eagle.

The Dos D'Adamo, the Croissant and the Top tre monti are Green which gives its name to the reserve, all over 2,100 meters above sea level.