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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Club Costa Vacanze Hotels?

The Club Costa Vacanze Hotels is a hotel group that includes several structures, born from the passion and initiative of a united family of origin of Molise. In the early eighties, when the name Club Costa Vacanze Hotels did not yet exist, the family Rocchio began with the management of a hotel, then two hotels, until you get to the management and ownership of several hotels in Romagna and in other Italian regions.

So it's not an agency?

No, absolutely not. The Club Costa Vacanze Hotels is not an agency, and by booking through the booking office of the Club Costa Vacanze Hotels will not have to pay any fees for booking. Indeed, if there are promotions and deals going on, you can save on the cost of your holiday.

How many hotels have your group and where are they?

The Club Costa Vacanze Hotels has 7 hotels located in the Emilia-Romagna region, from Lido di Savio Gatteo. The Rock Hotel and Hotel David is located in Lido di Savio, Hotel Nations, Hotel Aurelio Hotel and Eritrea are located in Cesenatico, Hotel Abacus is in Valverde di Cesenatico Hotel Serena is located in Gatteo.

Which category do you belong Hotel your hotel?

All our hotels are 3 star hotel.

What amenities and services available to the rooms of your hotel?

The rooms of our hotel are equipped with air conditioning, telephone, TV, safe, private bathroom, shower in almost all the hotels. The few bathrooms that do not have a shower curtain shower were provided.

Your hotel have a swimming pool?

The Hotel Rock and the Hotel David in Lido di Savio and the Hotel Abacus of Valverde in Cesenatico have a private pool.

Do you have a spa hotel?

The Hotel Serena in Gatteo Mare makes available to all its guests a spa area with whirlpool, sauna, emotional showers path and turkish bath, all free to use for guests staying at our hotel.

Do I have to pay extra for access to the wellness of Serena Hotel?

No, absolutely not. Usage is free for all hotel guests.

In what time can I come to the wellness?

For logistic and organizational reasons, the management of the Hotel Serena in organizing access to the wellness hour shifts. You can contact the hotel reception to book your relaxing hours. You can also book the use of the spa at 21:00 in a private manner, reserving entry without the presence of other people, in this case the use is not free and costs 50 € per hour.

The hotels are near the sea?

The Hotel David has direct access to the sea from the hotel garden. You can get to the beach without crossing other way. Hotel Aurelio and Hotel Eritrea are the sea but to go to the beach you have to go through the public gardens in front of the beach, the Hotel Rock, Hotel Delle Nazioni and the Hotel Serena is on the seafront, while the Hotel Abacus is about 70 meters away from the sea.

There is Animation in the hotel?

In all our hotel has played a varied entertainment program. The animators are young boys, lively and dynamic. In addition, guests of the Hotel Rock Hotel and David have free access to the "LIDO DI SAVIO VILLAGE".

The Animation is only at the beach?

During the day, the animation takes place mainly at the beach, sporting activities, tournaments and games appetizers and a kids' club activities.

The Animation is only during the day?

No. Most evenings, children are delighted with the baby dance. One night a week is the Feast of the Guest at the hotel, with music, sweet and so much fun.

How far is the hotel from the amusement park Mirabilandia?

Mirabilandia is a minimum of about 4 km (Hotel Rock and Hotel David in Lido di Savio) to a maximum of 21 km (Hotel Serena in Gatteo Mare).

How far is the hotel from the park thumbnails Italia in Miniatura (Italy in miniature)?

The closest hotel to Italy in miniature is the Serena Hotel in Gatteo (about 12 km); hotels further away from the park are the Hotel Rock and the Hotel David in Lido di Savio (about 33 km).

The hotels have parking?

The Hotel Delle Nazioni, the Hotel Serena and the Hotel Abacus have free parking and enclosed a short distance from the hotel. The Hotel Rock and the Hotel David have a private parking place in front of the hotel. Hotel Aurelio and Hotel Eritrea offer two parking options: one free, or does not apply, fenced uninsured and another fenced and secured with a daily cost of € 3.00.

At what time is the room the day of arrival at the hotel?

The room is available after 13:00, but if the rooms are ready on arrival, the keys are also delivered immediately.

At what time to leave the room the day of arrival at the hotel?

On the day of departure, rooms must be vacated by 10:00 exhaustively, even if they were busy in the afternoon of the day of arrival.

The stay begins with breakfast, with lunch or dinner?

The stay begins with dinner and ends with breakfast on departure day.

The restoration takes place with table service or buffet?

In all our hotels, the breakfast is buffet style. As for the lunch and dinner in all of our hotel is a buffet initial of vegetables, salads and entrees. The dishes are served at the table, except the Hotel Abacus where the full board is entirely up to the buffet.

What are the meal times?

Breakfast is served from 07:30 to 10:00. At the Hotel Abacus, lunch is served from 12:00 to 14:00 and dinner from 19:00 to 21:00. At the other hotels of Club Costa Vacanze Hotels, lunch is from 12:30 to 13:30 and dinner from 19:30 to 20:30.

When changing the linen in the room?

The towels are changed daily and bed linen are changed every three days unless different needs.

Can I order a dish different from those found in the menu?

Our menus are varied enough and give the possibility to choose between different courses of meat and fish. However, changes are accepted to the extent possible Eg: pasta with tomato sauce, noodles in broth, fittine meat, boiled fish, cold cuts, cheeses, cured meats. We do not accept changes in the type of grilled fish, shellfish, or dishes from à la carte restaurant.

Do you accept pets?

We accept pets, if they are small. Are not permitted in public areas such as lobby, dining room.