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Antichi sapori di una regione

The Region is a land of ancient tastes and traditions, renowned and appreciated not only in Italy but throughout the world. Who does not know the famous cappelletti / ravioli stuffed with ricotta and herbs?

Holding aloft the banner of territorial cuisine are also the strozzapreti, passatelli and noodles, tasty with the rich sauces inland cuisine.

The most popular biscuit and imitated Earth romagnola piadina is born many years ago as the typical bread from Romagna, inimitable taste.There is no tourist who visiting the Romagna are not ingolosire a warm flat bread stuffed with ham, cheese and Arugula or watercress, heat a flat bread stuffed like a calzone stuffed with warm herbs and other sweet ingredients.

Local products known worldwide

Delicious are then many of the typical products of the place, from the olive oil of Longiano in Montiano, Roncofreddo and from cheese Sogliano's mushrooms of Predappio and Cesercoli, from the white truffle of Dovadola the Paridae.

The Region is also the land of wines, numbering among his five specialties of Italian wines the best known: Albana, Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Pagadebit, Cagnina.