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Cesenatico, in the heart of romagna

Cesenatico is one of the most famous places in the Romagna Riviera. It is a small colourful town; full of liveliness during summer, and really fascinating during the winter season.

In summer, the heart of Cesenatico is the promenade. It is plenty of shops, restaurants, playgrounds, and hotels that welcome every year the millions of tourists who crowd its streets.

During the summer season, the Cesenatico promenade is lively and packed with people. In the evening it is closed to traffic to be fully enjoyed by tourists, who can walk, ride a bike, take a fun touristic train, or get around in a carriage along the main street.

Cesenatico is very charming even during the winter and the spring season. Indeed, thanks to the mild climate, it is possible to take a nice walk on the beach, to enjoy the fresh marine air, and also to take part in one of the bluefish festivals or tasting.

Cesenatico, a city open to everyone

Cesenatico is a small town that can be enjoyed by all kind of tourists.

  • Cesenatico is a perfect place for families with children, thanks to its efficient beaches equipped with outdoor toys, touristic entertainment, multipurpose beach fields and hotels with high-quality services.
  • Young people love Cesenatico as well. It has many amusement opportunities, from nightclubs to pubs, and from the nearest theme or amusement parks to the water parks.
  • Cesenatico is a small town very appreciated by athletes, and especially by cyclists and cycle tourists. They enjoy Cesenatico thanks to the characteristics of the surrounding territory, and also for the many hotels that offers services suitable for cyclists, like the Hotel delle Nazioni and the Hotel Gallia of the Costa Vacanze Hotels group.
  • Moreover, Cesenatico is also loved by senior tourist groups, who can find efficient beaches, well-equipped leisure clubs, dance halls where they can have ballroom and group dances, and lots more.

The historic centre of Cesenatico

During the winter and milder seasons, the main attraction of Cesenatico is no longer the sea, but its stunning and fascinating historic centre, crossed by the canal harbour designed by Leonardo da Vinci.

Adults and kids are enraptured by the boats moored in the canal with their colourful sails that wave in the breeze.

The historic centre hosts many important festivals and celebrations, like the Azzurro come il pesce  festival in spring, the ll Pesce fa festa  festival in November, the Christmas markets which begin on the Immaculate Conception, and the famous floating nativity scene. The nativity scene is the truth main character of Cesenatico during winter, and its auteur statues placed on the boats decorate the suggestive canal harbour, filled with thousands of lights.

Always in the centre, near to Piazzetta delle Conserve, you can find the house of the poet Marino Moretti. In front of the church called San Giacomo, the tourists who want to know more about other cultures and traditions, can visit the Museo della Marineria  museum, keeper of the ancient traditions of fishing belonging to the people of Cesenatico.

Originally, Cesenatico was effectively an ancient harbour designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. Together with Cervia and Milano Marittima, the canal harbour has now become the main Italians’ holidays destination. Over the years, Cesenatico has succeeded in bring together the activity of fishing with the touristic one. Two vocations and traditions that make Cesenatico a unique destination in the whole Adriatic coast.